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Spectrum Biology - October 2016

Spectrum Biology - October 2016
Spectrum Biology - October 2016
English | 84 pages | PDF | 28 MB

Spectrum as the word itself signifies is the coverage of the concepts, characteristics, etc of any subject or topic in the widest possible manner. And Arihant is back with its popular Mathematics Spectrum to provide wide coverage of the concepts covered under the Biology syllabi for various national and regional medical entrance examinations.

This monthly magazine will ensure thorough understanding of the concepts covered under syllabi of CBSE AIPMT, JIPMER, CMC Vellore, MGIMS Wardha, VMMC PMT, BHU PMT, etc through various sections like Master the NCERT, Board Exam Corner, School Practice, Olympiad Practice and Biology through Diagrams. The present issue begins with Human Heart - the topic of the month followed by 50 Best Questions covering Neural Control and Coordination. Mendelian Genetics has been covered as the Topic of the month which is followed by Master the NCERT covering Photosynthesis and Human Reproduction. The Exam Diary section covers UP CPMT 2014 Solved Paper whereas the Revision through Concept Maps covers Animal and Plant Cells. Morphology of Flowering Plants is covered under the School Practice section followed by Board Exam Corner covering Biotechnology Principles & Processes. Animal Cloning is covered under Biology Through Diagrams section whereas Population Ecology is covered under Productive Fact Bites. Other sections in the magazine cover Figure Based Questions, Assertion-Reason, Olympiad Practice and Biology Spectrum for You. As the present edition covers various dimensions of the subject, it for sure will help boost anxious and excited young minds of the Nation. Also the certain new features will help increase the exposure towards the subject.




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